Terms of sale and usage

GIGS TIX Ltd. reserves the right to amend this document without a specific obligation to notify its users / clients. It is advisable to review this document prior to each ticket purchase.

Last modification of this document: October 21, 2023.


Gigs Tix: Gigs Tix Ltd., Kralja Aleksandra 12, Novi Sad, Serbia, Company Reg No. 20421924, VAT No. 105801137
Purchaser: A natural or legal entity acquiring tickets from Gigs Tix (either at physical points of sale or online) or a Partner.
Partner: A legal entity that has entered into a business cooperation agreement with Gigs Tix and sells tickets on behalf of and for the account of Gigs Tix/Event Organizer at its physical point of sale as part of the Gigs Tix sales network.
Seller: The legal entity, either Gigs Tix or Partner, which sells, charges, and issues the ticket to the Purchaser.
Organizer: A legal entity responsible for organizing the Event and which, in accordance with the Law, enters into a service execution agreement related to leisure activities with a consumer – the ticket purchaser, specifying a concrete deadline or performance period.
Event: A musical, theatrical, cinematic, sporting, or other occasion for which tickets are sold, characterized by specific attributes such as name, date and time of occurrence, venue location, and the like.
Law: Consumer Protection Act („Sl. glasnik RS“, br. 88 / 2021)

Important Information

Gigs Tix and Partners are not the organizers of the Events for which they sell tickets but act as intermediaries in the ticket sales between the Purchaser and the Organizer, on behalf of and for the Organizer’s account.

The exclusive subject matter of the service provided by Gigs Tix and Partners to the Purchaser, pursuant to the Law, is the sale of the ticket. Upon charging and issuing the tickets, whether in physical or electronic form, the service is deemed fully rendered under the Law.

By purchasing a ticket, the Purchaser enters into a service provision contract with the Organizer, pursuant to the Law.

Gigs Tix and Partners bear no responsibility for any aspect of organizing the Events for which they sell tickets. Therefore, they do not assume liability for potential damages the Purchaser or third parties may incur in connection with the Event. Specifically, Gigs Tix and Partners are not responsible for refunding money for purchased tickets in case the Organizer fails to deliver the contracted service conformingly.

Ticket Purchase

The Purchaser may purchase tickets via:

  • Gigs Tix physical sales outlets,
  • Partner physical sales outlets,
  • Online sales portal – gigstix.com,
  • Online sales site – using a mobile app,
  • Ordering via phone call or email.

Upon the Purchaser’s request and successful payment, a ticket (or multiple tickets) is generated and issued (either physically or via electronic distribution of an electronic document), which concludes the purchase process and the Seller fully renders the service to the Purchaser, pursuant to the Law.

In certain cases, instead of a ticket, a voucher identical in essence and form to the ticket is sold to the Purchaser. However, this does not grant direct access to the event and must first be exchanged for an entry medium (wristband, card, etc.) in accordance with the procedure established and overseen by the Organizer.

In some instances, per the Organizer’s decision, ticket issuance may be deferred, and the Purchaser is given a ticket purchase confirmation post-payment. In such a case, upon charging and issuing a ticket purchase confirmation, whether in physical or electronic form, the Seller’s service to the Purchaser is deemed fully rendered under the Law.

Ticket purchase is binding, and the Purchaser cannot rescind the purchase in line with the provisions of the Law (Article 36, Paragraph 1, Point 12), given that the Organizer provides services with a specific deadline or execution period.

Price and Fiscal Receipt

The ticket price is solely as displayed on the ticket and the fiscal receipt.

VAT is included in the ticket price.

Since the Organizer bears the VAT payment obligation for the sold tickets, the fiscal receipt does not reflect VAT for the ticket-related items.

Online Ticket Purchase on gigstix.com

The portal is exclusively intended for adults.

By accepting the „Terms of sale and usage“ during the purchase process, the Purchaser declares meeting the aforementioned condition and possessing the legal capacity to enter into a sales contract.

Tickets are delivered as electronic documents to the email address the Purchaser provided during registration. An email is automatically sent after successful payment processing. The email and/or electronic document contains usage instructions the Purchaser must follow.

The portal supports payments via:

  • Online credit card payments,
  • E-banking or payments at a bank, post office, or similar institution (for purchasers conducting payment within the territory of the Republic of Serbia)

Depending on the Event and the timing of the purchase, one of the listed payment methods may not be available.

Depending on the Event, in addition to the ticket value, the Purchaser may also be charged an order processing fee displayed as a separate and clear item. The order processing fee covers the Seller’s operational, administrative, material, and other costs indisputably linked to the specific purchase.

Payment card / Credit Card Payments

Chip Card Ltd from Belgrade, Bose Milićević 8, Company Reg No. 17564374, VAT No. 103425560, acts as an intermediary in transactions on behalf of and for Gigs Tix’s account.

All payments shall be effected in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia – dinar (RSD), as displayed on this portal. The amount your payment / credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price into local currency at a rate used by credit card companies, which cannot be known to us at the time of the transaction.

Confidential payment card information is transmitted over a public network in a secure (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, the current state-of-the-art cryptographic technology. Chip Card, the payment card processor, guarantees the data’s security during purchase, thus the complete payment process is conducted on Chip Card’s pages. At no point are payment card details available to our system.

In case of a refund for payments made by credit cards, Gigs Tix is obliged to refund exclusively via VISA, EC/MC, and Maestro payment methods.

Purchasing by Phone Call or Email

Once the payment reflects in the account, provided it matches the sent instructions, tickets will be delivered to the Purchaser within 3 working days to the address specified during the order, via the „Post express“ courier service.

When purchasing via phone call or email, by effecting the payment, the Purchaser declares, in line with the Law, Article 26, Paragraph 1, Point 6, being informed that they cannot exercise the right to withdraw from a distance contract, pursuant to the Law, Article 36, Paragraph 1, Point 13.

The delivery cost is charged by the courier service to the Purchaser, as per their price list.

Gigs Tix bears no responsibility for the shipment itself or delivery deadlines.

Withdrawal from Purchase

Once bought, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.

The Seller is not legally obligated to refund or exchange a ticket post-purchase based on the Purchaser’s subjective request.

In the case of purchases on gigstix.com, by accepting the „Terms of sale and usage“ during the purchase process, the Purchaser expressly declares, in line with the Law, Article 26, Paragraph 1, Point 6, being informed that they cannot exercise the right to withdraw from a distance contract, pursuant to the Law, Article 36, Paragraph 1, Point 13.

Refunds for Purchased Tickets

The Purchaser is entitled to a refund only in cases of significant changes such as:

  • Event cancellation
  • Changes in date, time, or Event location that are not suitable for the Purchaser

Such changes, under the Law, prevent the Organizer from conformably executing the contracted service for the Purchaser.

The responsibility for refunds lies solely with the Organizer, who is obliged to publicly announce the refund procedure and terms.

The refund procedure can, but does not have to, be executed through the Sellers.

In case of ticket refunds, the refund subject is solely the amount paid for the tickets – the total ticket value. Specific costs the ticket Purchaser may incur (transportation costs, accommodation, postage, bank fees, etc.) are not compensated.

In case of refunds, any order processing fees charged by the Seller are not refundable and are not compensated. Order processing fees are an inseparable part of the ticket sale service process, which the Seller, pursuant to the Law, has fully executed by charging and issuing tickets (or vouchers or purchase confirmations), in physical or electronic form. The Organizer’s inability to conformably deliver the contracted service to the Purchaser does not change the factual circumstance that the Seller has fully rendered their service to the Purchaser under the Law.

If the Purchaser uses the ticket at the Event despite changes in date, time, or location, a subsequent refund cannot be executed for the used ticket – by using the ticket, the Purchaser accepts the modified service execution terms set by the Organizer.

In the case of ticket refunds, physical tickets must be complete (with undamaged control sections) and free from damages or defects that could prevent the determination of the ticket’s authenticity and originality.

Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution

In accordance with Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act, we inform you that as a consumer, you have the option of resolving consumer disputes out-of-court. A list of bodies competent for out-of-court consumer dispute resolution can be found on the website of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism, at https://vansudsko.mtt.gov.rs/adrbodies.


For all disputes that cannot be resolved amicably, the competent court in Novi Sad is determined.