Get ready for a night filled with pure magic as we reunite once again to celebrate life, love, and unity on October 15th at Silosi, Belgrade.

O događaju

17:00h - Gather Together
Let the energy of our tribe surround you as we come together & connect.

17:30h - Divine Awakening Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony
Sip on the elixir of the Gods and open your heart to the wisdom of ADA’s organic, raw cacao bean.

18:00h - Live Music
Let your Soul sing as you surrender to the sounds of ancient melodies of bhakti yoga combined with modern sounds that celebrate Divine love. Bhakti band will be joined by the special guest, Valhalla Deva, who brings the spirit of kirtan music and invites us all to connect deeply with our hearts, all accompanied by the healing melodies Lava brings.

19:00h - Ecstatic DJ Set
Feel every cell of your being pulsing with liveliness while dancing to the beats of the ecstatic set with magnetic DJ Yelisaveta and majestic TEBRA, whose entrancing vibes you had a chance to experience at ADA this year.

22:00-23:30h - Playful Connections
Embrace the night with open arms as we dive into the depths of connection during our Temple Night.

This is your invitation to a night of pure bliss, ecstatic dancing, soulful connection, and the unmistakable Ada Divine Awakening magic.

CENA: 2.490 DIN
Detalji o događaju
  • Datum i vreme održavanja
    nedelja 15. oktobra 2023. 17.00
  • Mesto
  • Lokacija
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